Eastern Cape Provincial Arts and Culture Council

Film Stimulus Fund

Call for Festival Funding

ECPACC would like to partner with an Eastern Cape based company with relevant experience and a credible track record of hosting a successful film festival. This is part of the entity’s strategic objective of growing markets for the Eastern Cape films and stimulate demand for local films thereby developing audiences that consume local content.

Invitation for funding of hosting Film Festivals 2022/2023 (Open)

Guidelines for Film Festival Funding (Open)


ECPACC seeks the services of a reputable project management firm, with strong financial competency that will provide professional services in assisting ECPACC’s film project beneficiaries strengthen their financial controls and reporting mechanisms. During the 2019/20 financial year, ECPACC has funded 23 film projects to develop and promote the value chain of the sector. Funding agreements were signed in February 2019, with project funding to be disbursed in three different phases. These projects range in size and value of between R100 000.00 – R400 000.00. The selected service provider would be expected to work with 20 of the beneficiary projects.

The period of service will span over a 3-month period, from 02nd December 2022 to 15th March 2023.

TOR: Film Financial Project Managment Workshop Services (Open)

ECPACC’s Audio Visual Funding Video Production

The objective is the production of an Audio-Visual Video that will reflective and illustrate the funding application process of ECPACC. Secondly, video illustration will need to be dubbed isiXhosa, isiSotho, English & Afrikaans.

This program is envisaged to take place between the period of 28th November 2022 to 15th March 2023.

TOR: ECPACC’s Audio Visual Funding Video Production (Open)